A guide through my 2021 Work From Home desk setup and personal workspace.

Read these before asking your busy senior colleague

1. Update commit message

Run this command to get into your predefined git editor with your previous commit message in focus that you can edit and then save again.

git commit --amend --no-verify

2. Update pushed commit message

To update a pushed commit you start rebasing from the commit before the commit you want change. …

A guide to properly setting up Express together with Typescript, and optionally Eslint and Prettier.

Improve overall customer experience by animating components in your React app or component library

Image by Carl Joseph from unsplash.com

Landing page for ui-diff.com

Setting up the project

Building component…


This tutorial is mainly focused on how to get Spotify working in the terminal on Mac OS machines…

Albin Groen

Hi! I’m Albin, a front-end developer from Sweden passionate about software development, design, and self-improvement.

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