A guide through my 2021 Work From Home desk setup and personal workspace.

Read these before asking your busy senior colleague

1. Update commit message

git commit --amend --no-verify

2. Update pushed commit message

git rebase -i [COMMIT_HASH]...pick my-commit-message > reword my-new-commit-message...git push --force

3. Browse entire commit history

Using VSCode

git log | code -

Using Vim

git log | vim

4. Create new branch with your changes

A guide to properly setting up Express together with Typescript, and optionally Eslint and Prettier.

Part 1: Setting up Express with Typescript

1. Install dependencies

npm install express && npm install --save-dev…

Improve overall customer experience by animating components in your React app or component library

Image by Carl Joseph from unsplash.com

How to get started

$ npm install framer-motion$…

Landing page for ui-diff.com

Setting up the project


  • You need to have a Spotify premium account for this to properly work.



Albin Groen

Hi! I’m Albin, a front-end developer from Sweden passionate about software development, design, and self-improvement.

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